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Get our most preferred rates and best discounts on your legal services all year with our annual Goodlawyer Pro subscription.

Benefits for Pros

You should never be afraid to contact your lawyer about your business, and as a Goodlawyer Pro you won't have to be.

Unlimited Consultations

Free for Pros ($0)

30-minute legal consults to assess your situation and scope your legal needs.

Legal Strategy Session

$100 off for Pros ($99)

60 minutes with your lawyer for strategic legal advice around a specific legal issue.

Contract Review

$100 off for Pros ($199)

Get fast advice by having a lawyer redline your contract and highlight weaknesses.


Service Fee Discount

Goodlawyer Pros also save 50% off of our Goodlawyer Service Fee on all marketplace services.

Does Goodlawyer Pro fit your business?

Goodlawyer Pro is for founders who want cost-effective legal help and the peace of mind of always having a lawyer they can call.


/ year

*30-day money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Pro Discounts do not apply to Fractional GC mandates. Our rates for Fractional GC (inclusive of our Service Fee) are well below market because we cut out the big firm overhead.

However, any services outside the scope of the Fractional GC mandate, for instance if your lawyer engages any outside counsel over the platform, are eligible for the Pro Discount.

No, but respect your lawyer's time. Pros are encouraged to book calls with their lawyers when they have quick questions or need an update. Initial Consultations should not be used for substantive legal advice.

Back-to-back Initial Consultation bookings are not permitted. If you require substantive legal advice, book a Legal Strategy Session.

Initial Consultations are for meeting lawyers, sharing information about your business and your legal issue, and discussing how the lawyer can help you. Initial Consultations are not for substantive advice. That's where Legal Strategy Sessions come in.

Legal Strategy Sessions are for more complex questions that require a deep dive and give you up to 1 hour of your lawyer's time.

Yes, as long as the Pro subscription has been purchased for your company and the individual using it is a registered seat holder on your company. Invite your teammates to create an account and join a seat on your company from your dashboard. Please don’t share accounts.

If you’re not finding value in your Goodlawyer Pro subscription in the first 30-days, we offer a money back guarantee*.

*Discounts received on fixed-fee and custom services are pro-rated in your refund.

Cancelling your membership will cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription. You (or your company) will still retain access to all of the Pro features until your renewal date, at which point you will lose access to all Pro features. You’ll still have access to your Goodlawyer account and the marketplace, and any of your records or previous interactions with lawyers.

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